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Claude Lassonde: Biography

Claude Lassonde
1955 -
Region: Québec

Claude Lassonde

Claude Lassonde completed his musical studies at the University of Montreal, his masters in musical composition was done under direction of Serge Garant, Michel Longtin, André Prévost. He studied electroacoustic composition with Marcelle Deschênes and Francis Dhomont.

Administrative director (1989-91) of The Association for creation and research electroacoustics of Quebec, (ACREQ) director of production to the ACREQ (1988-89). President founder of the Company in alternative concerts of Quebec, SCAQ (1982) now called Code d’accès. From 1974-83 he was a classical guitarist and now is an improvisational jazz guitarist.

His catalogue of work includes orchestral works, chamber music, computerized music and electroacoustic composition. Often performed locally, several well known artists have been associated with the realization of his musical creations (in particular: Rina Lasnier of the French Canadian Academy, Jean-Jacques Nattiez, Lorraine and Pauline Vaillancourt).Sentes aux abîmes des sens a été was ordered by ACREQ and was created with the opening of the Acousmonium electroacoustic series of the festival Montréal musiques actuelles, "New Music America".

His music has been recorded by la Société Radio Canada, (SRC) (featured in shows: Alternances, Musique actuelle, Jeunes artistes canadiens) and have been played all over Canada, the United States (ABC network), Germany and France (France Music, Communauté des radios publiques de langue française, CRPLF, where he was a guest at the Festival international de musiques expérimentales de Bourges, (Synthesis 91).

    "My music is distinguised by its poetic study. The character is renewed in each part and is characterized by a particular type of instrumentation or contemporary stringed-instrument trade which constitutes a pallet of sound.

    My compositions seek to exploit with mysticism, a particular aspect of playing which is inherent in the manipulation of tone. The first idea of each composition is always to creatively evoke a mysterious world or path which the music can generate.

    I am fascinated by the contemporary stringed-instrument trade. In love with the free jazz. Amateur of improvisation session. I remain nevertheless a meticulous purist for musical composition. I am compelled by sound and stylistics, the finding of sharp musical elements which seem most alive to me.

    Collector of tones and improvized sequences, I entrust those who perform my computerized work to allow their potential to explode. The final phase of my work is to aim at finding the key of the simplest standardizations most humanly possible. With this step, human interpretation is made possible, and computerized complex musical structures are made understandable.

    The stylistic freedom of these musical moments is that it deliberately tries to escape from already established modes. It proposes to the listener, a quest or a lapse of memory of time, a musical intimacy where personal expression is conveyed by a length of music that can be reflected on.

    I am opposed to the commercialization of art. I've never taken part in any contest. I find these methods elitist, unjust, and subjective. I prefer freedom and a good amount of anonymity. I've hardly made steps to be played, and yet the majority of my works have been nevertheless created. I believe firmly in free access for art and that the Internet can contribute largely. The state should provide and maintain its artists and its groups that are in turn its richness

September 2005


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