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John-Paul Christopher Jackson: Biography

John-Paul Christopher Jackson
1946 -
Region: British Columbia

John-Paul Christopher Jackson

For 25 years J-P. Christopher Jackson played a significant role in the development of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Lethbridge. He served as Chairman of the Department of Music for two terms and as Dean of the Faculty of Professional Studies. He holds a B. Mus. in applied music (woodwinds) and music theory from Okla. City University, an A.M. in composition and a Ph.D. in historical performance practices both from Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri. His principal composition instructors were Dr. Ray Luke and Dr. Robert Wykes, both prolific and successful American composers.

Primarily a musicologist, Jackson also took time to compose, at the request of a variety of artists and groups in his community, pieces in a wide range of styles and diverse performances forces. Some of these works featured International artists in their premieres.

In addition to his academic studies in North America, Jackson studied the music and culture of Indonesia at various schools on the island of Java, receiving diplomas in Karawitan (traditional gamelan) of Sunda, Java, and Bali. An Anglophone, he reads French, is fluent in Bahasa Indonesia, and studies Buddhism, Sufism and other mystic philosophy, horticulture, natural sciences, and film. He is currently studying the Turkish language and pursuing an interest in Turkish culture and music. Formerly active as an advocate for human rights in Alberta and Canada, he continues that advocacy in his new home in Victoria, British Columbia.


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