Essay, Bengt Hambraeus - My Teacher, Friend, and Colleague

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In this 1998 essay on Hambraeus in Crosscurrents and Counterpoints, composer Hope Lee describes her experiences as a composition student of Hambraeus in the late 1970s at McGill University in Montreal. Lee’s comments illuminate some of the more personal features of Bengt Hambraeus’s musical personality, his responses to her anxieties as a student; his ability to communicate and inspire confidence in his colleagues and students; and his insightful attention to the details of musical composition. The only work by Hambreaus mentioned in the essay is a general reference to one of his operas.

Credits:Lee, Hope (contributor). Crosscurrents and Counterpoints; University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, 1998.
Subject:Bengt Hambraeus
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Created Date1998
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