Newspaper Review Excerpt, Morawetz stands test of time

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In this excerpt from a newspaper review in The Toronto Star, December 7th, 1995, music critic William Littler describes the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and Sandra Graham’s recent performance of Oskar Morawetz’s From the Diary of Anne Frank. Littler notes that this performance marks the 25th anniversary of the premiere of the work premiered by Lois Marshall and the TSO, commenting that this is music “that has clearly stood the test of time.” Littler then briefly describes aspects of the story, Morawetz’s style of expression in the work, and his own experience of visiting the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, concluding that the composer has successfully and ‘eloquently’ expressed the universality of Anne’s suffering.

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Subject:The Diary of Anne Frank | Oskar Morawetz
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Created Date07 Dec 1995
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