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Subject:Oskar Morawetz | From the Diary of Anne Frank
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Michael Wile: What was your inspiration for writing these works? You had obviously read her diary.

Oskar Morawetz: Well, yes, I read her diary, but believe it or not, I read it much later than 99 percent of all other people because it was published, I think, around 1952, and I didn’t want to read it because, unfortunately, the fate of her and her family was very close to the fate of many of my relatives whom I've never seen after the war again, and many of my school friends and other friends. So, I finally read it very late, I think in ’68, and I was so taken by this that I... I must say the way Anne Frank, she actually... This passage which I took strangely enough has not been used in the movie or the theatre and I still think it's the most moving passage of the whole book. The passage actually is nothing else but a prayer for the survival of her friend Lies...

MW: Lies Goosens?

OM: Yes, whom she knew since they were four years old. So, they knew each other, what, twelve years. And Anne Frank wrote this text which I used - I shouldn’t say text, it’s a passage which I used - she wrote when she was only fourteen years old, and it’s so beautifully written, I can’t think of any person twice her age... I couldn’t write it like this, even today with all the experiences I went through. It’s so moving.

Created Date15 May 1990
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