Interview, Komorous’s Cultural Influences: Czech Republic to Canada

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“In Canada the oceans, the mountains, the forests, the life and people influenced me enormously.” – R.K.

Rudolf Komorous does not actively incorporate music from his cultural heritage into his work, and very few of his works show any direct evidence of folk songs from his homeland. He believes that the work of an artist must follow the path of their life, wherever it goes. This sense of ‘being present’ is also part of the listener’s experience when experiencing his music. Each piece is unique, and each encounter we have with it is unique as well. As Martin Arnold writes in “Listening on the Edge” (Musicworks 88, Spring 2004, 24): “I never sense that I am hearing Komorous’s memories, but rather, my own – a kind of perpetual aural déjà vu... even if I really have already heard the piece.”

Reading the articles included here, you will come to understand Komorous’s creativity as based on ideas – ideas about experimentalism and a sense of wonder, for example. Komorous explains: “(I) never believed that you can make art from art. Art has to depend on real human beings and reflect real people’s lives.” Consistent with this is Komorous’s approach to teaching: “My music has had an impact on my students more by ideas than by style. It is not my idea of teaching composition to make young composers do something I do.” Over the course of his academic career, he has mentored many other Canadian composers to ‘follow their own path – wherever it goes’.

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