Open Rehearsal, Dolce Tormenti


In this short video, excerpts of conductor Lydia Adams with members of the Elemer Iseler Singers and the University of Toronto Symphony orchestra are shown in open rehearsal of Victoria Maidanik’s Dolci Tormenti at Walter Hall in Toronto. Here the conductor consults with the composer about pronunciation of text, articulation, and dynamic levels as they relate to different sections of the ensemble. This work, based on the dolce stil nuovo (literally, “sweet new style” of 13th century Italian poetry), is based on several verses by the poet Cavalcanti, and features contrasting sections of instrumental and lyrical exchange. This video shows the process of an ensemble getting the work ready for performance, and rehearsing sections of the music with the choir and instrumental soloists.

Credits:Members of the Elmer Iseler Singers, Members of the University of Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Lydia Adams
Subject:Victoria Maidanik | Dolci Tormenti
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Created Date2008