Dances & Dirges

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Tango! (2,341.96 kb)
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Tombeau (2,337.88 kb)
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SKU: CD-CAM 2000-01
Call Number: CD 586
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2000
Record Label: CanSona Arts Media

The music of Dances & Dirges is either lively and dance-like or more pensive and memorial in character. The dance pieces are vivacious and varied - from the sultry passion of Tango!, to the Latin flavoured dances of Sans Souci, from the sly humour of 'Danses folles et amoureuses', to the rollicking rhythms of Jig. The memorial pieces are introspective and personal - from the melancholy ballad in Sans Souci, to the deeply felt tribute to the composer's father in Tombeau, and the elegaic homage to the survivors and victims of a senseless Nazi death march in Liesel, Suze, Ilze and Gerda. Together they comprise a disc that moves the emotions and delights the ear.

1. Tango!

2. Tombeau

3. Danses folles et amoureuses

4. Sans Souci

5. Liesel, Suse, Ilze and Gerda

6. Jig

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