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Mike Kane:Three Short Seasons for String Quartet - Fall (938.77 kb)
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Bruce Russell:Madra (1,001.22 kb)
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Call Number: CD 1417
Organization: Madawaska String Quartet
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2009
Record Label: Artifact Music

The works on the cd each display influences from as far back as the early Middle
Ages which extend globally to encompass African minimalism through to early
Spanish cante jondo. The Madawaska Quartet’s choice of repertoire is a reflection
of their fascination with the musical links between composers of various time periods
and cultures and the ongoing evolution of the genre. Prefab exhibits the versatility of the Madawaska String Quartet as well as their ongoing goal to forge new paths in the musical and cultural world of the 21st century.

Prefab includes two world premiere recordings: Mike Kane’s alluring Three Short
Seasons for String Quartet, which has its roots in medieval counterpoint; and Bruce
Russell’s African and minimalism-influenced Madra. Also included are Jose
E v a n g e l i s t a ’s heterophonic Spanish Garland, a collection of traditional Spanish
melodies; and Anthony Gilbert’s Third String Quartet, which is based upon
M a c h a u t ’s Hoquetus ‘David’ and sounds of the organistrum, an ancient and giant
hurdy-gurdy played by two monks at once; Alfred Schnittke’s Third String Quartet,
which derives its thematic material largely from works by Beethoven, Orlando di
Lasso and Shostakovich; and Henry Purcell’s amazingly forward-looking seventh
Fantasia for Four Viols, here transcribed for string quartet.

Since their beginnings in 2001, the Madawaska String Quartet has presented highly diverse programming to audiences at home and abroad. With a repertoire that zig zags across musical boundaries, they have brought pieces from the mainstream to performance art, from the film-score to the avant-garde, and from the baroque to the present-day. As champions of Canadian composers and their works, the Madawaska Quartet has over 20 Canadian works in their repertoire, many of which were written for and/or premiered by the Quartet itself.


1-3. Three Short Seasons for String Quartet


4. String Quartet no. 3


5. Fantasia no. 7 for Four Viols, Z.738


6-8. String Quartet no. 3


9. Spanish Garland


10. Madra

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