Five Pianos

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23 June 2000 (932.65 kb)
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Variations on Benediction (935.92 kb)
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Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2002
Record Label: Independent

Five pianos is a deeply romantic improvisational journey through a rich and
gently undulating tonal terrain. John S. Gray subtly yet inexorably moves from
invention to invention, cascades and flourishes embellishing minimal yet
motile themes. John S. Gray's piano improvisations are both whimsical and profound,
beautifully executed, and beautifully recorded. -Nik Beeson, 2002

1. Plucked Fanfare

2. Variations on Benediction

3. Memories of '84

4. Argenta's Tune

5. 29 March 1999

6. Piece for Michael

7. Modal Variant

8. 23 June 2000

9. Farewell to the Cove

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