Prophets of Pella, The

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Hiroshima (1,391.63 kb)
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The Prophets of Pella (1,397.75 kb)
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SKU: CD-ME 523-04
Call Number: CD 378
Organization: Philadelphia Female Chorus
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 1997
Record Label: Macedon Editions

"These mature works point the way toward an integration of the folk and structuralist elements of Western music at the end of the twentieth century. Clearly the ideas of nationalism have not died, as long as composers such as Neceski continue to use their ethnic roots as a basis for their art."

- Menon Dwarka

"Neceski's music has power, passion and a strong personal voice."

- Richard Wernick

"His music exhibits a high degree of imagination and is beautifully conceived...He is an artist with an unique personal voice."

- George Crumb

1. The Prophets of Pella

2. The Regnant Republic - Part 1

3. Dance of the Balkans

4. Amidst the Vales the Rain Grows Cold

5. Hiroshima

6. Waves

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