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Invisible Cities, Op.49 (1,391.63 kb)
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À La maison, Op.48 (1,388.57 kb)
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SKU: CD-MPC 9701
Call Number: CD 418
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 1997
Record Label: Independent

When I conceived the idea of recording some of my works for the 1997 Year of the Arts in Newfoundland, my first challenge was to decide which pieces to choose. I wanted the CD to have a thematic and unified integrity and with that in mind, the choice was obvious. I have more chamber works for clarinet than for any other instrument, due in great part to my friendship and collaboration with French clarinettist Etienne Lamaison.

"Lyre is a moving and well written collection of contemporary chamber music by one of Canada's brightest composers . . . The result is a haunting collection of music unified by a pervasive feeling of sadness and introspection." - Glenn Colton, St. John's Evening Telegram

1. In Memoriam, Op. 43d

2. Amare, Op. 51

3. The Maiden's Lament, Op. 42

4. À Lamaison, Op. 48

5-7. Invisible Cities, Op. 49

8. Prelude and Fugue After Bach, Op. 44a

9. In Memoriam, Op. 43b

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