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Nautilus (1,630.71 kb)
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Werverwind (1,629.29 kb)
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SKU: CD-QUM 9301
Call Number: CD 147
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 1993
Record Label: Queen's University Music

This compact disc, celebrating David Keane's 50th year, presents recent works for solo wind instruments and digital electronics. Featured on the album are celebrated interpreters of contemporary music from Canada and Europe. Each work was tailored for these performers and each is the result of a fruitful and satisfying collaboration between composer and performer. The title Dialogics, then, refers not only to the idiomatic interplay between each instrument and its electronic partner, but also to the exciting collaborative process that brought each work into being.

1. Nautilus

2. Epiphanies

3. Dwelling

4. Pulsar

5. Werverwind

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