Triptyque - Herve Galli

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Nocturne; Musica Coelestis (1,625.00 kb)
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Triptyque les Dieux de Carthage (1,625.00 kb)
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SKU: CD-RAI 12001
Call Number: CD 279
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 1993
Record Label: RAI

Born in Corsica (France) and now living in Canada, Hervé Galli is recognized by the international music community as both a remarkable composer and a pianist of exceptional virtuosity.

It was through persistent research on the specifics of piano style that Hervé Galli found his own method, which recognizes the importance of emotion. This method has been communicated and transmitted to the listener during numerous recitals and master classes.

Hervé Galli has given two consecutive recitals at the Palais de l'UNESCO in Paris (1991 and 1992) thereby enabling this young composer to represent Canada for the 500th Anniversary of the Meeting of the Two Worlds (1492 - 1992).

1-3. Triptyque "les Dieux de Carthage"

4-6. Sonate No. 5 pour Piano "Typhus Orbis Terrarum"

7. Nocturne: Musica Coelestis

8. Nocturne: Musica Coelestis

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