Musics Ancient & Modern

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Canadian a Ballet Suite (1,629.00 kb)
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Musica Antiqua (1,626.00 kb)
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Call Number: CD 166
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 1993
Record Label: Lothar Klein

Few albums in today's thickly packed CD catalogues can match "Musics Ancient and Modern" for a variety of style of tonal brilliance. Musica Antiqua offers a sumptuous orchestral display plus a consort of five soloists singing and playing some 50 medieval instruments, a work which the Toronto Star described as "brilliantly composed, a giant success". The Masque of Orianna offers an evocative suite of Elizabethan music transformed into a shimmering orchestral fabric, while the ballet suite Canadiana is a raucous and witty potpourri of jigs, polkas and galops. Here is a tour-de-force collection of music spanning nine centures of musical style!

Lothar Klein's orchestral works prompted the Saturday Review to refer to him as "a composer of excellent equipment and considerable enterprise ... his eyes are on the star." Indeed orchestral music occupies a prominent place in Klein's catalogue of compositions. Many reviewers have recognized the composer's taste and craftsmanship.

1. Musica Antique

2. Musica Sacra

3. Musica Profana

4. The Masque of Orianna

5. Prelude

6. Madrigal

7. Fantastic Spirits

8. Canadiana Ballet Suite

9. Introduction - March - Polka

10. Reel

11. Valse

12. Galop

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