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SKU: CD-GP 001
Organization: Ga Pa
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2012
Record Label: Independent

imaginaria, the first GaPa recording, is a CD of original music employing an extensive array of percussion and 'invented' instruments adapted to suit the duo's hybrid techniques and unusual playing styles.

imaginaria reflects GaPa's desire to create a malleable body of pieces that accommodate collaboration with musicians from around the world, and features the unique talents of Takinojo Mochizuki (Japanese percussion and vocals), Kohei Nishikawa (Japanese Flutes), Oliver Schroer (violin), and Rainer Wiens (prepared guitar).

1. Thakita

2. Bodjira

3. Neputa

4. Sprung

5. Five Sounds

6. Gravity

7. Permutations #3

8. Underwater

9. Funky M

10. Marionnette

11. Alap & Yellow Mala

12. Enfance

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