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On The Steps of Mariyinsky Palace (1,001.22 kb)
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Five Movements in Reflection (1,001.22 kb)
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SKU: CD-DM 72288
Call Number: CD 1419
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2009
Record Label: Bowl Records

On the Steps of Mariyinsky Palace is a 30-minute concert piece for clarinet, violin and piano, and an abstract solo and double pas-de-deux ballet. The composition is commemorative of the peoples in the region of Kyiv. Some came from 15,000 year old distinctive huts formed from mammoth tusks on promontories near Mezhirich not far to the east of the palace. Over millennia, their progeny would face periods of domination, exploitation, eco disaster, and genocide; and they survived and prospered. Five Movements in Reflection is a 30-minute suite for clarinet, violin and harp considerably re-composed from incidental music for an exhibition in Paris and New York. The distinguished musicians on this disc are accomplished performers, composers, and educators. Recording locations are Roy O. Disney Hall, California Institute for the Arts, Valencia, California; and the Glenn Gould Studio, Canadian Broadcasting Centre, Toronto, Canada. Information in the accompanying booklet is printed in 6 languages.

Track list:
1-3. On the Steps of Mariyinsky Palace

4-8. Five Movements in Reflection

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