El Dorado

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El Dorado (936.73 kb)
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Song of Nymphs (934.18 kb)
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SKU: CD-CEN 1021
Call Number: CD 1277
Organization: Penderecki String Quartet
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2008
Record Label: Centaur

A modern romantic classical harp album, Caroline Léonardelli's recording includes works by Canadian composer Marjan Mozeitch, as well as 20th Century French compositions. Marjan Mozetich, has become one of the most respected and appreciated contemporary composer amongst harpists around the world. Mozetich originally composed El Dorado in 1981 for harp and string orchestra. Here it has been arranged for harp with string quartet and bass. This is the premiere recording of this arrangement. El Dorado’s theme is one of traveling, a voyage through mythical landscapes. The other compositions on the recording are for solo harp.

“This is smart programming, amply displaying Léonardelli’s strengths as both a technician and a melodist…Léonardelli’s tremendous interpretive ability is matched by
astonishing engineering and production…It doesn’t get much better than this for solo musicianship or recorded sound.”

- La Scena Musicale

“Ottawa-based harpist Caroline Léonardelli’s fourth album to date offers an enticing mix of old and new: a program of beloved French standards by Debussy, Tournier and Damase book-ended by compositions by Canada’s leading composer for the harp…The recording boasts outstanding sound engineered by celebrity tonmeister Anton Kwiatkowski.”

-Wholenote Magazine


1-4. Song of Nymphs


5. La Fille aux cheveaux de lin

6. Little Shepherd


7. Féerie


8. Sicilienne variée


9. Viejo Zortzico


10. El Dorado

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