Spanish Spirit

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Call Number: CD 989
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2005
Record Label: Independent

"Spanish Spirit is a collection of 13 original compositions which took approximately 4 years to complete. For this particular project I was most interested in creating a variety of spanish/latin influenced music which represented different moods, styles, time periods and instrumentation. To help achieve this I wrote 5 solo pieces for guitar of which 2 are for 10 string classical guitar, and the remaining 8 pieces are full arrangements with a variety of instrumentation, including one composition for 5 guitars alone. This collection of music ranges from 19th century influences up to new-age, and contemporary world-beat variety.

"One interesting technique I experimented with, and which I believe is a premiere on this recording, is my creation of a 6 tuplet tremolo, (6 stroke tremolo- one bass note followed by 5 repeating melody notes) which I spent years working on, for the purpose of retaining a 6 tuplet rhythm while using tremolo technique in 2 of my solo compositions.
This technique can be heard on 'Paisaje Espanol' and 'Hummingbird'."
- Norman Learo

"Delicacy and aggression, subtlety and intensity, soul and passion, all coming within seconds on each song. The next step in Flamenco."

- Bob Mersereau, CBC

1. De La Luna Y Del Sol

2. Obsession X 5

3. Paisaje Espanol

4. Red Sun-White Sand

5. Muy Bonita

6. Laudarra

7. The Enchantress

8. Andalusian Wild

9. Hummingbird

10. Land of Gypsies

11. Tiempos Pasados

12. En La Sombre

13. Serenade

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