Desert Song

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SKU: CD-IE 2006
Call Number: CD 1207
Organization: Adama Ensemble
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2006
Record Label: Independent

The Adama Ensemble, led by composer, guitarist and pianist Itamar Erez, invites people to be stirred to the soul by its ‘East meets West’ performance of original works that transcend cultural and generational barriers. Adama - which takes its name from the Hebrew for ‘Earth’ - pushes the boundaries of classical, contemporary jazz and world music composition and improvisation to produce a vibrant new sound with unusual melodies and complex rhythms.

“As a composer, I felt that I needed to explore new territories,” says internationally acclaimed
composer, Itamar Erez, the group’s founder. He created Adama to direct himself and his audiences
to the heart.

The new CD Desert Song does just that. Through beautiful and haunting compositions, played with sensitivity and intensity, you are transported into the magical, ‘invisible’ landscapes of the heart.

1. Prelude

2. La Juderia

3. Desert Song

4. African Dream

5. Autumn Will

6. Isidore

7. Morning Song

8. The Path

9. Sheva

10. The Return

11. Morenica

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