Nuits À Jour

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Kids at the Pool (931.84 kb)
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Arcane (933.47 kb)
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SKU: CD-RD 003
Call Number: CD 1158
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2007
Record Label: Independent

Nuits à jour oscillates between light and darkness through various musical styles in which the composer develops his passion for musical creation. It is a joyful and surprising musical journey in a world favourable to unexpected artistic and spiritual discovery. It is a project of avant-garde music, influenced by drum&bass, ambient music, jazz, electroacoustic and contemporary music.

1. Ouverture Zoé

2. La caverne

3. Les dauphins urbains

4. Sauve-qui-peut

5. Si-clop

6. Kids at the Pool

7. Le drakkar

8. Arcane

9. Etznap

10. Femme de sable

11. Lou-pop

12. Apocalypse One

13. Interesting Song

14. Askésis

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