Glass Houses

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Song of the Varied Thrush (1,630.71 kb)
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Webster's Spin (0.00 kb)
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Call Number: CD 554
Organization: Composer's Orchestra
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 1999
Record Label: CBC Records

Ann Southam has always been a unique artist, one who found her own way and never worried about "schools" or "movements" in composition. She is not without her influences, however, and the music represented on this new CBC Records disc explores music from earlier compositional periods which have been described as "lyrical atonalism" to later works which are in a minimalist style, showing the influences of the American minimalists, Philip Glass, Steve Reich and Terry Riley. As well, the music ranges from orchestral, to solo, to chamber, offering the listener a wonderful and varied overview of Ann's unique compositional style.

"These are relatively consonant, unassuming pieces, transparent without being simplistic...Her [Southam's] art is that of making the mundane sound special."
- Elissa Poole, Opus

1. Webster's Spin

2. Song of the Varied Thrush

3. Quintet for Piano and Strings

4. In a Measure of Time

5. Remembering Schubert

6. Glass Houses No.9

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