Sing All Ye Joyful

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Call Number: CD 922
Organization: Elmer Iseler Singers
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2004
Record Label: CBC Records

This recording, the first devoted entirely to the choral music of Ruth Watson Henderson, is long overdue. Her large output of music for choir is held in the highest esteem and performed extensively, both in Canada and internationally. She has been referred to, quite justifiably, as "a Canadian treasure." The choral compositions - including choral arrangements - in her catalogue of works now number more than eighty. She is the recipient of several awards but perhaps the greatest honour paid to her is that choirs from all over the world sing her music and sing it often.

1. Gloria

2. Sing All Ye Joyful

3. Song of Creation: Make Me a World

4. Cantate

5. Come Holy Spirit

6. Magnificat

7. The Song My Paddle Sings

8. Sing Ye Praises

9. In Memoriam Elmer Iseler

10. The River

11. The Passionate Shepherd to His Love

12. The Nymph's Reply

13. Psalm 150

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