Dancing in the Light

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Broken Mirrors (933.06 kb)
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Snake Dance (933.47 kb)
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Call Number: CD 1114
Organization: Symphony Nova Scotia
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2006
Record Label: CBC Records

The two concerti on this disc are what Hatzis calls “his personal answers to the question of dance as an expression of life”. Both are earthy works, grinding down in Pyrrichean Dances to the gritty depths of hell’s own rhythmic intensity and flying high in Telluric Dances to the soul singing heights of what Hatzis calls “his continuing faith and hope in the potential of humanity”.

Pyrrichean Dances

1. Broken Mirrors

2. Postcards From the (un) Holy Land

3. Love Among the Ruins

4. Worlds in Collision

Telluric Dances

5. Snake Dance

6. Eagle Dance

7. Dancing in the Light

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