Lieux InouÏs

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Le cap de la tourments (1,632.86 kb)
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Mémoires vives (1,632.86 kb)
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Call Number: CD 48
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2012
Record Label: empreintes DIGITALes

Like a place never before imagined, like an untouched territory yet to be explored by human ears, like an unheard-of soundscape. It is fair enough to think of ourselves as explorers driven by absolute necessity or some ineluctable task. But this should not overshadow the essential which is still found in the idea of communicating something, of being carriers of meaning and sounds. But who communicates what, and to whom? - A serious dilemma for seasoned thinkers who are still pondering and extracting its substantial core.

"Normandeau never leads the listener into a sonorific labyrinth of which he himself is not master and experienced traveler. The idea of 'listenability', so often missing in the past 50 years, returns in force with him without succumbing to facility or the mundane. He speaks his own ideas with his own voice - each work distinct, while clearly members of the same family. In a word: enjoy!"
- Georges Nicholson, Montréal, February 1990

1. Jeu

2. Mémoires vives

3. Rumeurs (Place de Ransbeck)

4. Matrechka

5. Le cap de la tourments

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