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Libellune (1,397.88 kb)
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Sons et tiniamarre (1,399.35 kb)
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Call Number: CD 847
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2003
Record Label: empreintes DIGITALes

“A music of integration, pictures and stories or new music made of styles combined regardless of borders. That is the most significant qualifier of my music, which remains ever-changing, following where my fancy takes me. Music that calls for the collective use of the various musical expressions in which electroacoustics, concept and rhythm are prime features. Inspiration comes from a number of different sources. One can trace back the influence of jazz, world fusion and minimalist music, in addition to insistent and often repetitive rhythms with sounds taken from electronic music, where all elements fall into place in a subtle, nuanced way. The music is the result of a duality between the intellectual side of technology and musical logic, and the emotional or poetic side of sound organization, spontaneous performance and deep-rooted beats. Instrumental improvisation becomes a sound material. Interactivity is retained through a number of choices and impressions… Whether it conveys a message or not, music always remains tied to moods and the tools used are meant to express and surpass feelings. This duality is always there and it influences my music. Humor, dream and magic are also among the key elements allowing to approach the inaccessible nature of electroacoustic music. These childlike elements bring a breath of life, eternal youth, a form of immortality and open-mindedness: a window to magic and the make-believe. The cinema approach plays a key role in music composition. It allows one to make different styles, effects and sound manipulations fit together while keeping the music at the reach of a large audience, thanks to the pictures and messages relayed by the synopsis. So my musical aesthetics relies on the use of a script, a real or virtual picture integrating multimedia dimensions or a story used as a guide for the work in progress. The production of a piece for the big screen where the respective roles of sound and picture have been swapped. Impressionism, the literature of fantasy, Magritte, Maupassant, Umberto Eco, Hitchcock, the realm of dream and perfect illusion of Walt Disney, tales and legends from around the world are all part of my multi-faceted sound universe. Cybermusical travel and the instruments of modern technology allow me to touch and transform sound matter into a palpable sculpture or to magically make it travel through time." - Roxanne Turcotte

1. Libellune

2. DMXnébula

3-7. Sons et tiniamarre

8. Reveries absolues

9. Y---OW

10. Micro-trottier

11-13. Poussiere d'etoiles

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