À Un Moment Donné

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Roofless (1,632.98 kb)
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Footwear for a Fish (1,630.84 kb)
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SKU: CD-AM 103
Call Number: CD 954
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2002
Record Label: Ambiances Magnétiques

On this disc soloist Lori Freedman presents thirteen new improvised pieces for soprano and bass clarinets that were recorded at Radio-Canada’s Studio 12 in the spring of 2002.

Imposing an unbridled rhythm on her clarinets, this alchemist-musician invites us into a surprising world in which the music is allowed to develop on its own, vibrant and captivating. Propelling, in the fervour of the moment—a very exact moment—music that abounds in textures both complex and refined, she constructs a non-linear sound universe that is very close to the bizarre revelations travelled in dreams, furiously original, studded with frenzied, fleeting flashes.

1. Roofless

2. Footwear For a Fish

3. Ab

4. Mais où est done car ni or

5. Slappyspazzgruv

6. Mouche à peu

7. Fauxbleu

8. 2B2

9. Sky Pool

10. All Good Children

11. Clarvoixtemps

12. Uglybeautétu

13. Sailor Bears

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