BruidcŒur, Prières Des Infidèles

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SKU: CD-AM 146
Call Number: CD 1079
Organization: VivaVoce
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2005
Record Label: Ambiances Magnétiques

An account of a man’s last agonizing moments, Danielle Palardy Roger’s Bruiducœur, prières des infidèles is a secular ritual involving three characters: HIM, who is dying; HER, the ironic observer; the CHOIR and SOLOISTS, empathic and omnipresent.

Written for a 13-voice mixed choir (conducted from the inside), two speakers, two soloists, and two percussionists, this satirical elegy in 13 tableaux follows the oratorio form and brings together sung, proclaimed and chanted poetry, composition and improvisation. Sitting at the heart of this work, phonetic articulation and vocalism carry the meanings and express the feelings.

1. Bruiducœur va mourir

2. Nnaaaooon

3. Saule son âme / Litanies

4. La mort est là

5. Immateria

6. Moimoimoi / Mon amour

7. Lui seul sait

8. Je te le donne cet homme

9. Moissi moisi je vais mourir

10. Le soma / Je t'en prie laisse-moi

11. Le glas

12. Est-ce ce / Son corps est un glaçon

13. Derniers souffles / Requiem Laissons-le partir

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