The Fool / the Death of Enkidu

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Call Number: CD 1329
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2012
Record Label: Centrediscs / Centredisques

Cette nouvelle parution dans la série Window on Somers de Centredisques inclut deux opéras de chambre du compositeur canadien Harry Somers – The Fool (1953) et The Death of Enkidu (1977). Les opéras de Somers sont parmi les plus estimés du répertoire canadien et, vu la pénurie d’enregistrements commerciaux d’opéras canadiens, ces ajouts au catalogue Centredisques combleront les amateurs d’opéra et compléteront admirablement les deux autres enregistrements d’opéras de Somers sur étiquette Centredisques.

“While it probably goes without saying that any new recording of the music of one of Canada’s major composers deserves attention, this spectacular two-disc set is a milestone. Not only does it mark The Fool’s long-overdue return to the catalogue of recorded performances, it also contains the world premiere of the curiously neglected Death of Enkidu. The recording is a winner in terms of its stunning, exhilarating performances. And by filling in significant gaps in the Somers discography, it is to be strongly recommended to anyone with an interest in opera or contemporary music.”
- Edward Jurowski, CAML Review

CD 1: The Fool

1. Beginning, Scene I

2. Queen's entrance

3. Fool's entrance

4. Soliloquy

5. Interlude & Start of Scene II

6. King's entrance

7. King's aria

8. Motet

9. Fool and King

10. Ending

CD 2: The Death of Enkidu

1. Scene 1

2. Scene 2


Actor/comédienne: Amanda Parsons
Mezzo-soprano: Julie Nesrallah
Tenor/ténor: Martin Houtman
Tenor/ténor: David Pomeroy
Baritone/baryton: Doug Macnaughton
Bass/basse: Alain Coulombe
Conductor/chef d'orchestre: Les Dala

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