Performance of Green rain

Description:Emma Lokan sings Violet Archer's Green rain, a lovely contemporary Canadian classical song. The music was composed by Violet Archer and the words were written by Dorothy Livesay.
Credits:Emma Lokan, Violet Archer, Dorothy Livesay
Subject:Violet Archer | Green rain
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I remember the long veils of green rain feathered like the shawl of my grandmother — green from the half-green of the spring trees waving in the valley.

I remember the road like the one which leads to my grandmother’s house, a warm house, with green carpets, geraniums, a trilling canary and shining horse-hair chairs; and the silence, full of the rain’s falling was like my grandmother’s parlour alive with herself and her voice, rising and falling — rain and wind intermingled.

I remember on that day I was thinking only of my love and of my love’s house. But now I remember the day as I remember my grandmother. I remember the rain as the feathery fringe of her shawl.

Created Date26 Nov 2010