Performance of Magic songs

Description:This is a performance of R. Murray Schafer's Magic songs.
Credits:specialonly1, R. Murray Schafer
Subject:R. Murray Schafer | Magic songs
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TranscriptionPrior to the performance, the announcer describes R. Murray Schafer's Magic songs:

"The aim of these songs with magic texts in a language spoken by no human is to restore aspects of nature which have been destroyed or neglected by humanity. To the extent that the performers and the audience believe in them, they will be successful."

Magic songs: Order of performance and timecodes

1.Chant to bring back the wolf 1m39s

2.Chant to make fence fall down 3m20s

3.Chant to make fireflies grow 4m47s

6.Chant to keep bees warm in winter 6m20s

7.Chant to make the bears dance 7m26s

8.Chant to make stones sing 8m33s

9.Chant to make the magic work 10m16s

Created Date09 May 2011