Ana Sokolovic talks about composing

Description:Composer Ana Sokolovic talks about her writing, inspiration, and background.
Credits:Queen of Puddings, Ana Sokolovic
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I think that in general, Balkan folksongs are part of my personality, but I never do the quotations, and I never use the music as it is.

Very often, I use texts, and I’m inspired with different elements of the music but it’s not necessarily music itself, not necessarily modes or rhythm which is in music. As I just mentioned it can be other elements of art—of human attitude—which are typical to Serbian people which I can use, a kind of character or some kind of colours or intonation of speaking tongue, etc.

So, all these elements are part of my secret box of triggers, and I play with them with these Balkan motives but with other motives which are not necessarily Balkan. So this, my box of secrets, is full of many elements and I just try to make the most interesting story I can with this.

Created Date17 Apr 2011