Interview with John Beckwith about Derailed

Description:John Beckwith shares his creative process for the sound documentary Derailed, a spoken and sung choral work commissioned by the Mississauga Choral Society in honour of the composer's eightieth birthday, and on the thirtieth anniversary of the Mississauga train derailment. Interviewed by Suzanne Meyers Sawa.
Credits:John Beckwith, Suzanne Meyers Sawa
Subject:John Beckwith | Derailed
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TranscriptionIn this interview with University of Toronto Faculty of Music librarian Suzanne Meyers Sawa, John Beckwith explains his creative process with respect to his composition Derailed. Beckwith explains how his composition was conceived as a sound documentary, how he envisioned the role of music in this tragic event, and the historical or documentary facts that he unveiled through his research.
Created Date10 Sep 2010