The Underlying Madness of King John

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In this article author Marc Couroux discusses at length the "varied and challenging oeuvre" of composer John Rea. The article explores in-depth the role of the composer in society, and the dichotomy between modernist and post-modernist traits that exist in Rea's work. Says Rea, "In postmodernism the performer is king; in modernism it is the composer-creator who reigns. Modernism is machine-driven in every sense of the word; postmodernism is interpreter-driven, that is, it is about humans." "...I have always thought of myself as a wolf in sheep's clothing, or in other words, a modernist wearing the mask of postmodernity." Works discussed include Treppenmusik, Débâcle and Alma and Oskar.

Credits:Music Works, Marc Couroux
Subject:John Rea
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Created Date2002
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