Clip of interview with Gilles Tremblay from SMCQ Composing?!




Description:This is an excerpt from an interview with Gilles Tremblay, part of the SMCQ video interview compilation Composing?!, 12 Portraits, Volume 1.
Credits:Gilles Tremblay, directed by Irène Messier and Anne Marie Messier
Subject:Gilles Tremblay
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TranscriptionThis may seem a little naive but one day I went with my parents to see an old film called The symphonie fantastique. It was a film about Hector Burlioz, naturally and to see the symphonic music with the choirs with this hyper romantic energy, it made me want to participate in it. Not to compose like Burlioz but just to be a part of this crazy exhilerating rush. That's a hard question what kind of a child was I? I loved life, I used to dive right into life, I used to like to tease others. I truly enjoyed being like that, it's a little mean isn't it? No but it's true, I liked to tease my cousins we'd play together. I liked to play games, to play imaginary games, games in teams, we imagined that our group of friends were heading out to sea by boat. We're standing on a bridge and I'm very happy to be here because you can hear the sound of water, and the sound of flowing water is the essence of rhythm, and rhythm is the essence of music. We can hear it in the extreme variety in the billions of little drops that make up water and which create extraordinary rhythmic relationships.
Created Date2006