Ghosts of Summers Passing

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Icarus (1,629.29 kb)
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Shadow Dance (1,629.29 kb)
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Organization: Guelph Chamber Choir
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2012
Record Label: Thistle Head Publishing

Time creates ghosts. A faded photo, a sound, an object such as an old book or a toy, a grave, a dream, an evening alone - any of these things can carry us back into the shadowy past, sometimes even far away into ancient times. Every second that passes produces more ghosts - more memories, memories to ponder in the present and memories sometimes fading into eternity taking with them their joys and sorrows.

This CD is from a concert of short music pieces and poetry. There are 3 different types of pieces on this disk: (1) flute and piano, (2) narrator, flute and piano, (3) narrator, flute and choir. The flute and piano pieces were written especially for Susan Lapp-McNally and Valerie Nichol. The music for Walter Hickling's poetry was chosen from a collection of sketch books composed by Robert Daigneault. Each piece was selected to suit the mood of the poem.

1. Shadow Dance

2. The Signal

3. Icarus

4. The Hilltop

5. Sargasso Sea

6. Brat

7. Water Mirror

8. A Plane Offshore

9. It Has Been Happening

10. Today's Cold Light

11. The Wave

12. From Purcell

13. Dwellers By Great Lakes

14. The One Who Owned That Cottage

15. Monet at Work

16. Swinside Circle

17. Blind Date

18. Step Now Into The Garden

19. Labourday Garden

20. Dutchy

21. Slumber Songs (poem)

22. Slumber Songs (choir)

23. The Night Cometh (poem)

24. The Night Cometh (choir)

25. In Flanders Fields & Disarmament (poems)

26. In Flanders Fields & Disarmament (choir)

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