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Connexus (1,627.86 kb)
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Organization: Nexus
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2012
Record Label: Independent

Connexus was the result of a desire to bring NEXUS and the Toronto Symphony Orchestra together. Connexus is respectfully dedicated to NEXUS and to Andrew Davis, who gave the work its name and premiere performance.

Kebjar-Bali is based on the traditional music of Bali, which is normally performed by a Gamelan orchestra. The term "Kebjar" refers to a twentieth-century Balinese musical style. The word literally means "to burst into flame"...

Originally composed in 1979 for NEXUS unaccompanied, The Birds was orchestrated in 1983. The solo parts are scored for harmonicas, cymbals, gongs, rattles, shakers, pianoforte and dozens of bird calls collected from all over the world. It is in the interplay of the profound and the frivolous that the piece seeks to stimulate both contemplation and humour.

Voices was created as a vehicle for the exotic sounds made by an array of percussion instruments (mainly metallic instruments such as bells and gongs) collected from various parts of the world. The ability of the performers in NEXUS to produce these sounds in a completely improvisatory manner is a true reflection of their knowledge and understanding of the instruments and their well-developed intuitive musical sensibilities.


1. Connexus


2. Kebjar-Bali

3. The Birds

4. Voices

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