Prensentation of Claude Vivier's work Pulau Dewata


In this video, percussionist Fabrice Marandola discusses Claude Vivier's Pulau Dewata. Because Vivier wrote the piece with no particular instrumentation, Marandola explains how he chose to orchestrate the work. He then goes on to review the influence of Balinese gamelan music on Vivier, although he is clear in saying that this is not a strictly Balinese piece. Rather, Vivier was influenced by the music of Bali but expressed it by writing something simple and full of life. Marandola discusses at length the form and structure of the piece, and Vivier's compositional process, as well as revealing what he found while working in Claude Vivier's archives.

Credits:Ensemble à Percussion Sixtrum, Fabrice Marandola
Subject:Claude Vivier | Pulau Dewata
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Created Date28 Aug 2010