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François-Hugues Leclair: Biography

François-Hugues Leclair
1962 -
Region: Québec

François-Hugues Leclair

Born in Montreal in 1962, composer François-Hugues Leclair has lived in both Quebec and France since early childhood. He did his graduate studies in music between 1990 and 1998 at the Strasbourg and Paris conservatories, where he studied composition with Klaus Huber and Michèle Reverdy. He then completed a doctorate in composition under Michel Longtin at the University of Montreal, where he was appointed professor of musical writing and instrumental composition in June 2008.

His compositional work as a whole deals with three main themes:

  • exploring bridges between ancient music, in particular that of the Renaissance, and contemporary musical language;

  • searching for musical interaction between western, Asian (China, Japan), or American Indian (Inuit, Navajo) cultures, wherein he furthers his exploration of possible relations between different cultural worlds;

  • the multifarious relationships between literature and music, hence the preeminence of vocal works, and in particular choral music, in his catalogue. This interest has led im to set to music texts by great poets (Étienne de la Boétie, Marie-Claire Blais, Robert Desnos, Paul Claudel, Florence Delay, Anne Hébert, Jean-Yves Masson, Lépold Sedar Senghor, Jean-Pierre Siméon, Marie Uguay, Paul Verlaine, Boris Vian).

His commitment as a performer in Ensemble Kô, a vocal ensemble in which performers vary according to circumstances, reflects his creative vision. The central position that voice occupies in his musical œuvre is therefore rooted in a constant practice of the art of singing in both ancient and contemporary musical repertoires.


Works by François-Hugues Leclair have been recorded on Labels such as Gallo and Productions Le Lab. Take a look at the list bellow to obtain all informations about these recordings.

« Rêves nordiques », after three inuit traditionnal tales, retranscribed par Jacques Pasquet : "La naissance des goélands", "Comment Ours blanc perdit sa queue", and "Du danger de siffler certaines nuits ».


« Au regard de Mille regretz », a work for choir and orchestra inspired by the Josquin DesPrés’s chanson « Mille Regretz »; « Fantaisie sur un thème de Thomas Tallis », a work for string orchestra by Vaughan Williams, arranged by François-Hugues Leclair for choir and orchestra.



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