June 25, 2012

I have recently discovered a wonderful tool for discovering and listening to new, Canadian classical music, with the program CentreStreams. It is a brilliant idea, especially for someone like me who has not listened to much new music and wouldn't know where to start. Listening to the new compositions while on the computer, is a perfect way for myself to be exposed to this music. Even after listening a few times, I have learned the names of Canadian composers whose music I enjoyed.

I am currently listening to Allan Gordon Bell's composition, "Drawing down the moon," for chamber orchestra. Being a string player, I tend to gravitate to orchestral or pieces for stringed instruments. This piece creates almost an "outer space" feeling (which reflects the title, I believe).

To learn more about Allan Gordon Bell, click here

To listen to CentreStreams yourself, you can find it on the Canadian Music Centre home website, here