Lonely Child: the imaginary world of Claude Vivier (English Version)

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Media Type: DVD
Year of Release: 1989

Hommage to Claude Vivier, the great Quebecois composer who met a violent death in Paris in 1983.

Producers: Jonny Silver, Michael Macina
Director: Jonny Silver
Screenplay: Jonny Silver, Owen Burgess

Featuring the music of Claude Vivier.
In the role of Claude Vivier: Germaine Houde, Denis Forrest,Ivan Beaulieu.
With György Ligeti, Gilles Tremblay, Michel-Georges Bregent, Walter Boudreau, John Rea, Denis Boulianne, Pauline Vaillancourt, Louis-Phillipe Peletier, Les Evénéments du Neuf, Tudor Singers of Montreal, Julie West Dance Company.

With the voices of David Fox, Pierre Granger, Serge Garant, Robert Sunter and Claude Vivier.

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