Kye Marshall plays with theTwilight Quintet in the Array sessions

Description:The Array Sessions: An evening of improvisation by some of Toronto's finest musicians along with their friends and guests from out-of-town heralds a return to the Columbia U Radio jams or the great tradition of CCMC Music Gallery evenings.

Twilight Quintet (16 minutes) features Rose Bolton on iPhone and electric violin, Ted Phillips on "CataRT" (from IRCAM, it uses "data-driven concatenative sound synthesis system in real time based on unit selection from large databases for Max/MSP/FTM"), Kye Marshall on electric cello, Marilyn Lerner on Fender Rhodes and Rick Sacks on marimba and drums.

Credits:Kye Marshall, Twilight Quintet
Subject:Kye Marshall
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Created Date12 Mar 2012