Performance of Aether by Jordan Nobles


This is a performance of Jordan Nobles' Aether, a work for spatialized choir and wind ensemble. Performed live Nov. 5, 2011 in the cavernous Vancouver Public Library Atrium performed by the Vancouver Bach Choir and the Negative Zed Ensemble, conducted by Leslie Dala.

Nobles writes in the programme note: "The æther (also spelled aether or ether) was once believed to be the material that fills the region of the universe above the terrestrial sphere, where the stars reside. Instead of the vacuum we know is there today previously it was imagined that a vaporous element surrounded the Earth, filled the heavens and was the very breath of the Gods. æther is inspired by, and dedicated to, Kelly Nobles."


Vancouver Bach Choir:

Leslie Dala - conductor

Mark McGregor - Flute

Brenda Fedoruk - Flute

A.K. Coope - Clarinet

Caroline Gauthier - Clarinet

Colin MacDonald - Saxophone

Kris Covlin - Saxophone

Tom Shorthouse - Trumpet

Al Cannon - Trumpet

Joanna Schulz - French horn

Heather Walker - French horn

Jeremy Berkman - Trombone

Rob McLeod - Trombone

Jonathan Bernard - Percussion

Martin Fisk - Percussion

Jocelyn Morlock - Bass drum

Lighting Design: Wlad Woyno

Audio Recording: Paul Luchkow

Opening photo by Clancy Dennehy

Credits:Vancouver Bach Choir, Leslie Dala
Subject:Jordan Nobles | aether
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Created Date05 Nov 2011