Performance of Nobles' Surface Tension at the Vancouver Aquatic Centre


This video is a performance of Surface Tension by composer Jordan Nobles, performed live by the Aventa Ensmeble at the Vancouver Aquatic Centre, December 4 2012.


Aventa Ensemble:

Bill Linwood - director and percussion

Mark McGregor - flutes

Darnell Linwood - horn

Muge Buyukcelen - viola and violin

Mieka Michaux - viola

Alasdair Money - cello

Darren Buhr - double bass

Corey Rae - percussion

with guests

Adrian Verdejo - electric guitar

AK Coope - clarinets

Colin MacDonald - saxophones

Video Projections: Giorgio Magnanensi

Lighting Design: Conor Moore

Sound: Will Howie

Production Manager: Nicholas Jacques

Audio Recording: Paul Luchkow

Cameras: Chris Porter, Chris Randle

Editing: Chris Randle

A Chris Randle Video


I've always been influenced by water in its many forms as clouds, rain, tides, ice crystals, whirlpools, waterfalls, etc., so the idea of composing a piece with a water theme was a natural one for me.

Surface Tension involves three short, somewhat contrasting textures inspired by the fluid dynamics of water. The piece is continuous however with each section following, even overlapping somewhat with, the others. -Jordan Nobles

Credits:Aventa Ensemble
Subject:Jordan Nobles | Surface Tension
Related People:Jordan NoblesJordan Nobles
Created Date04 Dec 2012