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Dariush Zarbafian: Biography

Dariush Zarbafian
1951 -
Region: Atlantic

Dariush Zarbafian

Dariush Zarbafian Franco-Iranian-Canadian musician, composer, professor and Ethno(musi)cologist.


Ph.d, Musicology, University of Toulouse (le Mirail), France.
M.D, Ethnomusicology, University of Toulouse (le Mirail), France.
M.D, Economics and Financial Affairs, University of Tehran, Iran
Western classical music, with professor and composer Richard Gibson


Europe : France, Nederland, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland and more.
Canada : Montreal, Moncton, Dalhousie, Prince Edward Island, Guelph and more.
Iran : Tehran

Radio and Television

Numerous radio and television shows in Europe, in Canada (CTV News, Rogers TV, Radio Canada, CBC) and in Iran.


  • ASSEMANEH.2, being published in 2012 - 2013
  • À FLEUR DE PEAU - DVD Documentary "The musical world of Dariush Zarbafian" and the album “Fariba” with five original compositions for Iranian Percussion, France, K Productions, Dariush Zarbafian, Marc Oriol and TLT TV, exit 2005.
  • ASSEMANEH.1, production Flagrants Desires, MSI distribution, 1996
  • Mille IMAGES, Ariane Ariane series co-produced by France Culture (ARI 150) distributed by Scalen'Disc, 1989
  • CHEMIN IBÉRIQUE Contribution noticed in Equidad Barès album produced by CIMAC, 1988.

Direction of :

  • Tchakavak Ensemble - Iranian modal music
  • Avahang - Iranian percussion and modal music

Master Teacher

Professor at the University of Moncton, Moncton N.B. National Conservatory of Toulouse, Perpignan Conservatory, Conservatoire National de Montauban, Toulouse Conservatoire Occitan, Conservatoire National Blagnac, private Professor, Visiting Professor, Department of National Education, France.

Seminar and Conference:

University of Moncton and University of Cape Breton, international symposium on Traditional Acadian Music, University of Western Ontario, London, ON, Canada, University of Toulouse, France, University of Barcelona, and "Casa Cultura" Centre, Girona, Spain, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON, Canada, University of Tehran (Fine Arts), Iran, University of Moncton.