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Carmen Braden: Biography

Carmen Braden
1985 -
Region: Prairie

Carmen Braden

Carmen Braden lives in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories and works as a composer, performer, and field recordist. All her musical creations are influenced by the sonic environment, both natural and man made, and she uses original texts in many works. Braden’s works reflect her connection to the contemporary classical world as well as her experience as a jazz pianist, and singer-songwriter.

In 2009 Braden obtained a Bachelor of Music Degree in Composition at the University of Acadia, where she studied under Dr. Derek Charke and Dr. Steven Naylor. She discovered her love of Acoustic Ecology and began recording and processing the sounds of natural world around her. Braden’s current focus is on the sounds created by ice, specifically the lake ice of Great Slave Lake in Canada. She records these sounds using a hydrophone and processes the sounds into compositions.

Braden has recently collaborated with the Gryphon Trio during their tour of the NWT, and works regularly with Northern ensembles such as the Borderless Art Movement, the Yellowknife Choral Society, and Classics On Stage Yellowknife. Her music and sound company Black Ice Sound launched in 2012. In 2013 she will be attending the University of Calgary in their Master’s of Music program.