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Lawrence Cherney Inter~Nationalist

Lawrence Cherney Inter~Nationalist

December 3, 2013

"Back in 1941, before Lawrence Cherney was even born, in the pages of a book titled One World, a failed candidate for the presidency of the United States gave the artistic director of Soundstreams a guiding theme for much of his career.

In fact, Wendell Willkie might almost have written the very words of the Peterborough-born oboist and English horn player’s welcome to his audience for November’s “Reimagining Flamenco” presentation in the newly refurbished Jeanne Lamon Hall at Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre:

“... Never have the world’s cultural heritages been so accessible to all, so available to be explored, appreciated and transformed,” Cherney wrote in the Soundstreams program. “No culture or heritage can survive in a vacuum, preserved in a museum in splendid isolation. Cultures interact, resonate with their surroundings. They’re in a constant state of evolution and revolution in direct relation to the ebb and flow of those surroundings.”

Although very much a product of his own provincial Ontario culture — if that doesn’t sound too pejorative — the future impresario began to acquire a taste for internationalism in his student years in Toronto (he studied music at the University of Toronto) where, at the invitation of his sometime oboe teacher, Perry Bauman, he sat in as an extra player with the CBC Symphony Orchestra..."