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Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2014
Record Label: Independent

The material for Expressions was chosen to celebrate the rich musical variety found within New Music Edmonton, (formerly Edmonton Composers’ Concert Society and Tonus Vivus Society).

Expressions pays homage to Edmonton’s compositional heritage, it shares the influence of that heritage upon later Edmonton composers, and it presents fresh ideas brought into the Edmonton new music community. The composers included on the CD are George Andrix, Violet Archer, Scott Edward Godin, Piotr Grella-Mozejko, Ron Hannah, Siaw Kin Lee, Paul William Pura, Linda J. Purves and Manus Sasonkin.


Ron Hannah
1. Ballade

Manus Sasonkin
2. Seven Interludes for Harpsichord, Op. 39

Scott Edward Godin
3. - 6. The Number Series

Siaw Kin Lee
7. - 8. Scherzo and Trio

Paul William Pura
9. - 10. Labyrinth

Linda J. Purves
11. - 14. Three Sisters

Violet Archer
15. - 16. Lydian Mood

Piotr Grella-Mozejko
17. - 22. Vijf tonale etudes / Cinq études sur la tonalité

George Andrix
23. - 24. Prelude and Fugue

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