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Ash Roses Release Concert

Ash Roses Release Concert

March 10, 2014

"The Ash Roses CD that I referred to a few days ago was officially launched at the Canadian Music Centre last night. Lawrence Wiliford, Mireille Asselin, Sanya Eng and Liz Upchurch performed all the music on the album in the presence of the composer and his wife, assorted Toronto music glitterati and even more assorted others, like me. It’s a very intimate setting and well suited for small scale art song recitals; especially when the complimentary wine and beer (Black Oak Chocolate Cherry Stout – recommended) is rather good.

This was, I think, my first exposure to Derek Holman’s music. I was very impressed. His is a very individual voice; clearly contemporary yet clearly rooted in English Romanticism. Comparisons to Britten are almost unavoidable. Holman has the same variation of mood and detailed attention to text but where Britten always seems sparse, austere, with never a superfluous note, Holman is lush and evocative..."


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