Histoire de pêche (Fishing Story) by Maxime Goulet

Description:Fishing Story is a mimed musical theater piece for solo clarinet and string orchestra. The piece is inspired by Ernest Hemingway's American novel The Old Man and the Sea. Rather than a precise setting of the novel itself, it was created as a free-form sequel to the story, exploring what happens next to the kid who accompanied the old man. Discover the young man and the sea!

Fishing Story was commissioned by the McGill Chamber Orchestra and its Artistic Director, Boris Brott and was composed as part of a composition residency. The work is dedicated to clarinetist Kornel Wolak.

Fishing Story was premiered by on February 25th, 2014, in Montreal, at the Bourgie Hall, by the McGill Chamber Orchestra, Kornel Wolak and maestro Boris Brott.

McGill Chamber Orchestra www.ocm-mco.org

Boris Brott: conductor www.borisbrott.com

Kornel Wolak: clarinet www.kornelwolak.com

Maxime Goulet: composer www.maximegoulet.com

Maxime Gouelt & Stéphanie Blais: staging Ève Champagne: props Michèle Leclerc: additional video

Credits:Maxime Goulet, McGill Chamber Orchestra, Kornel Wolak, Boris Brott
Subject:Maxime Goulet | Histoire de pêche
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Created Date01 Apr 2014